Missa: A new project about the origin of Holland

Missa is a new project of Musica Extrema and tells the story of the origin of Holland. It is a original composition in the form of a mess and has eleven parts. The music is a cross-over of classical music, jazz and worldmusic. The Dutch lyrics were written by Jan Rot, and the story is narrated by Marga van Praag.

Missa  is a musical story about the battle against the water of the Dutch people,  the emergence of the cities in Holland with the notorious nobles and aristocrats ,  Jacoba van Beieren,  the civil wars and the terrible disaster and  major flooding  named as the St Elisabeth flood

An orchestra (Música Extrema), four vocalists (Muriel van Dinteren, Claudia Patacca, Erik Slik, Jan Willem Baljet), a choir and a narrator (Marga van Praag) is filling the stage of some beautiful churches and venues in Holland.

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