The Matthew Passion

Dear friends!
This whole month of January our group has been terribly busy with arranging and writing for our spectacular program ‘The Matthew Passion’. During these shows we will be working together with singer Pearl Jozefzoon and theatre-maker Jan Rot. I can already assure you: it will be magic. It was a huge challenge for us all to arrange this incredible work by Johan S. Bach for this line-up, but the result is already really impressive. In the agenda on our website  you can find the details of the 13 Matthew shows that we will play in between April 8 and 20. If you won’t be able to come to one of them this year, please make sure to scroll down in that same agenda: you will find quite a list of Matthew shows that are already booked for 2015.
The ticket-sales are going extremely fast. I would like to advise you to buy your ticket on time.
On behalf of the whole crew,