Missa, the new album of Musica Extrema!

Missa, a brand new album with songs from the like-named, successful production of Musica Extrema. Missa is a mass in 11 parts about the arise of Holland. The music is a combination of classical music, jazz and world music. The Dutch lyrics are written by no one less than Jan Rot. The music is composed by Ben van den Dungen and Wim Warman.

Missa tells the story of the fight against the water of the Dutch people, the origin of the cities in Holland with its much spoken tombs, Jacoba van Beiren, the Hoekse & Kabeljauwse twisten and the terrible natural disaster the Sint-Elisabeth Flood.

All songs from this production are collected on this album. The orchestra Musica Extrema (Tanya Schaap, Ben van den Dungen, Gert Wantenaar, Sebastiaan van Bavel, Vasillis Stefanopoulos) and three vocalists (Claudia Patacca, Erik Slik, Jan Willem Baljet) take you back in history. Back to our story, the story of the arise of Holland.

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