Tango Extremo presents: Club Vaudeville In their new program ‘Club Vaudeville’, Tango Extremo will bring you back to the nightclubs of Paris and Berlin in the 1920’s and 30’s. There where jazz, folk and classical music blended together with variété and amusement. Enter ‘Club Vaudeville’ and get to know the place where nightowls and the … Read more

Tango Extremo presents: Club Vaudeville!

Club Vaudeville For their upcoming theaterprogram, Tango Extremo comes with a brand new piece: Club Vaudeville! For their eighth(!) production, Tango Extremo dives into a musical rollercoaster of the ’20s and ’30s. In prewar Berlin and Paris, jazz, folklore and classical music made the perfect fusion of variety and amusement. All summed up, this new … Read more

Tango Extremo vists RTV Omroep West!

Last Wednesday 9th of March, Tango Extremo was a guest at RTV Omroep West . The broadcast was discussed regarding the St. Matthew Passion and Tanya’s journey to Siberia. Listen to the broadcast here! Would you like to see the St. Matthew Passion with Peter Faber, Pearl Jozefzoon, Ekaterina Levental and Job Hubatka and experience … Read more

The ST. Matthew Passion

In March Tango Extremo will give a number of concerts in several Dutch Theatres with an unique adaptation of the St. Matthew Passion. The famous Dutch actor Peter Faber and the great singers Pearl Jozefzoon, Ekaterina Levental and Job Hubatka will be appearing as guest. Here you can watch a live recording of this wonderful … Read more

The St Matthew Passion has been released!

In March 2016 Tango Extremo will release the double CD ”The St Matthew Passion”. The CD has been recorded live in 2015 in several Dutch theaters across the country. The St Matthew Passion is a modern version of one of the biggest classic compositions of West-Europe. Around Easter 2016 you can embrace this new musical … Read more


Tango Extremo started to make a new musicprogram for 2016/2017: Vaudeville! This time Tango Extremo focuses on the musical melting pot of the nightclubs of the 20s and 30s in Paris and Berlin. After the first World War the early jazz, folkloric music and even classical music mingled virtuoso with the entertainment and vaudeville music. … Read more

New album: Havana!

New album: Havana! We are happy to announce our new album Havana! It was a great experience to record all these songs and we hope you all like it as much as we do. Havana is available on iTunes: The CD is also available on the following sites: &

The new season

What can you expect from us? We are still in the middle of summer, but behind the scenes we are already very busy preparing everything for the new season. And let us tell you; there are a lot of nice things on the way! We are going to play two reprises. The first is of … Read more

Tango Extremo on tour in Poland

Tango Extremo on tour in Poland Next month Tango Extremo will for the first time in their career visit this wonderful country! We are very much looking forward to these concerts. Outside a dozen concerts in Poland, the group will also give a concert in Ramin (Germany) and there are also a number of concerts … Read more

New promo of Tango Extremo

New promo of Tango Extremo In the past year Tango Extremo performed their latest show Havana. For this show Tango Extremo recently made some videos. In September they will release the album Havana and the group will again start their tour in the Dutch theatres.

The new promo of the Matthäus-Passion

The new promo of the Matthäus-Passion Tango Extremo is going on tour with the Matthäus-Passion (aka Mattheus Passie). For an impression you can watch the new promo of this show here! Have fun and we hope you will come see us at one of the shows.

Tango Extremo starts the new Matthäus-Passion

In March and April Tango Extremo will be going on tour with a completely revised version of the Matthäus-Passion. This show will be performed in 28 theatres! The show is a contemporary version of the greatest classical masterpiece of Western Europe : The Matthäus-Passion. Tango Extremo will be accompanied by narrator Jan Rot, mezzo soprano … Read more